LAMP Security Toolkit

What is LAMP Security Toolkit?

LAMP Security Toolkit is an easy to use software to check for basic security flaws common in most Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP setups. Unpack it, access it via a browser and scan your server instantly. If any problems are detected, you also get a detailed explanation.

5 easy steps to better security

  1. Download it
  2. Upload it to your server
  3. Open it in a browser
  4. Click Start tests
  5. Evaluate the results and read the manual for it.

Why is this free?

Time is valuable, therefore getting the basics sorted out first goes a long way towards spending it where it really counts: getting the tricky parts sorted out. LAMPSecurityToolkit checks the basics of a web setup. Depending on the use case, there are things this tool just can't check. That's where Opsbears comes in: get a top to bottom inspection for your server today!